From Press-to-Door in 24

Our exclusive cold press juice service bottled in glass delivers and collects directly to residences, offices, luxury hotels, renowned fashion brands, and bespoke events across Essex and London.

Our Mission
is Good Nutrition.

Our juices are crafted through the cold-pressing method, ensuring they are raw, exceptionally nutritious, and of course taste incredible. Formulated to naturally invigorate, enhance the immune system, and contribute to disease prevention, our offerings embody a commitment to well-being.

Locally sourced

We hand select locally-sourced produce, our expert cold-press team then extract the juice, where it is bottled in the finest glass and delivered to you early in the morning by our in-house delivery team.

  • Always bottled in reusable glass bottles
  • No plastic, No preservative, No additives, No water


Our juice is exclusively bottled in glass, which are delivered to and collected from homes, businesses, hotels, or events, ensuring they are reused on every occasion.

We are proud to be a fully sustainable business, zero-waste and plastic free.

“Juice HQ’s commitment to sustainability in the juicing industry sets the standard for others to follow. By being both plastic-free and zero-waste, they are not only reducing their environmental impact but also actively contributing to a healthier planet.”
Leading Luxury Hotel, London

  • Multi week-day early morning deliveries
  • Bespoke juices & packages
  • Fully sustainable glass bottle packaging
  • Handcrafted by our expert juicing team
  • Delivered by our in-house drivers

Nature’s Flu Shot
(Orange juices)

Our amazing bright orange juice contains skin-purifying Vitamin rich antioxidants, which can help in protecting against those pesky coughs and colds. A sweet and delicious juice, but beware it’s very popular with the little ones!

Drink me if you….
1. Are in need of a huge vitamin C boost
2. Wanting to fight off a cold or any flu like symptoms
3. Feeling achy
4. Looking for an alternative to your morning orange juice

Detox & Glow
(Green juices)

Our green juices have so many benefits, recipes are packed full of antioxidants and with our skin being the largest organ, these can help with the appearance and overall health of the skin, including reducing signs of ageing.

Drink me if you….
1. Are wanting a quick and effective way to reach your 5 a day
2. Need to show your skin some love by giving it a quick glow up!
3. Want something light and easy to drink whilst packing in all the ingredients of a raw green juice

4. Are looking to de-bloat

Iron Man
(Red juices)

Our red juices will make you feel like Superman or Superwoman!
The nitrate found in beetroot is believed to boost exercise endurance by improving oxygen uptake.
Even our ‘juicees’ who dislike beetroot say this is one of their favourites! A great pre-workout juice.

Drink me if you….
1. Are heading off to the gym and need a big boost of energy
2. Wanting an immediate boost to the immune system
3. Are low on iron levels
4. Suffering from a mid-morning/mid-afternoon slump

Would your business like to partner with Juice HQ?

It’s simple. Book a tasting session for you and your team, or dive straight in and place your first order now at our online shop!

Book a tasting with Katie

Book a tasting for you and your team by calling Katie on 07932 223765 or emailing to katie@juicehq.co.uk. or dive straight in and place your first order with Katie either by calling or emailing.

Build your 
bespoke order

After sampling various options provided by Katie during the tasting meeting, you and your team can choose the juices, smoothies, functional health shots, and the quantity of bottles that best suit your company. This order is flexible and can be adjusted at any time to meet your needs.

Press-to-door in 24

Our fresh, cold-pressed juices reach your office within 24 hours of the produce for pressing arriving at our juicery, guaranteeing optimal freshness. Delivered in cold storage thermo boxes, our juices maintain their quality. We’ll arrive early in the morning to deliver the raw, cold-pressed juices and collect the empty bottles from your previous order.

Rinse & repeat each week

We simply request that after enjoying our juice, you recycle the lid and label in your office, rinse the glass bottle, and return it to our thermo boxes used for delivery. Our dedicated in-house delivery team will then collect these boxes from your office during your next delivery.

Ready to get started?

Book Your FREE Sampling Session With Katie

Why JuiceHQ?

We carefully dispatch our made to order juices straight from our artisanal juicery to your workspace, hotel, residence, or bespoke event. Presented in reusable, elegant glass bottles, which we retrieve and replenish weekly, our service epitomises effortless sophistication and environmental ethics.

Our efforts serve as a shining example of how businesses can prioritise sustainability while delivering high-end products and fulfilling their mission.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility has recently seen us awarded with “Sustainability Leaders of the Juicing Industry” as well as

Best Juice Delivery Service in London“.

Easy Sign Up

To begin a Juice HQ juice delivery, just reach out to Katie via phone at 
07932 223765 or email at katie@juicehq.co.uk. Your delivery can be arranged promptly without the need for contracts. You have the flexibility to modify your order whenever necessary.

Plastic Free

At Juice HQ, we operate as a fully sustainable business, committed to recycling, reusing, and reinventing everything we use. We take pride in being plastic-free and generating zero waste. By partnering with Juice HQ, your business will avoid creating any waste. No single-use plastic bottles here!

Tax Deductible

By aligning with Juice HQ as a partner, your business not only benefits from our sustainable products and services but also gains the advantage of a tax deduction. This means that while you contribute to a healthier environment through our plastic-free and zero waste initiatives, you also enjoy financial benefits by reducing your taxable income. It’s a win-win situation that not only demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility but also enhances your bottom line.

Immune Boost

Empower your team’s immunity with our powerfully nourishing cold-pressed juices. Encourage your colleagues to boost their intake of essential raw fruits and vegetables, helping them achieve their recommended five-a-day. By prioritising their health, you’re investing in a stronger, more resilient workforce. Let our delicious cold press juices be the cornerstone of your workplace wellness initiative, promoting vitality and productivity with every sip.

I feel brighter!

We are convinced that the weekly juices and shots we have delivered here in the office are helping to keep COVID at bay! Juice HQ – what a special find, customer service is 100% from owners Katie & Scott, well done guys!

Amy | East London

Delicious juices

We all agree in the office here that these vibrant and delicious juices improve our focus, helping us to avoid the mid-morning slump. Clients visiting have also commented on how good these juices are!

Milly | London

Thank you juiceHQ

I genuinely don’t know how they do it! Amazing products, service and value. All the juices are ace, even the ones you think you don’t like, you will! Thank you juiceHQ xxx

Danielle | Essex

Need juice for
an event?

Discover the power of high-end glass bottles of cold press juice and smoothies along with our ability to develop beautifully branded bespoke juices for your event, no matter the size. From intimate gatherings to grand occasions, we specialise in crafting unique blends and bespoke branding that reflect your brand identity and captivate your audience. Elevate your event experience with our customised juice creations, meticulously designed to enhance every moment and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Hi, I’m Katie.

Alongside with my husband Scott, we own Juice HQ, where we proudly serve as artisan creators of the very best cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. Every batch of our cold-pressed juices is meticulously crafted to order, bottled, packaged, and personally delivered by us. Think of us as the modern-day embodiment of sustainability, prioritising quality, freshness, and environmental responsibility in every sip.