About Us

Our mission is good nutrition…

Juice HQ, the UK’s first and finest cold pressed juice delivery business began life when husband and wife team, Katie and Scott, saw first hand the huge benefits that cold pressed juicing gave their daughter, who at the age of 15 was a competitive swimmer.

Francesca went through a stage of failing to see any improvements in her race times but with the help of her Mum Katie, who was previously a personal trainer, Francesca stripped out “bad” snacks and replaced them with “cold pressed juice” snacks, the improvements were unbelievable.

The family knew this was something they had to incorporate into their daily life, but wanted to invite others to reap the benefits, thus Juice HQ was born.

It was important to Katie & Scott that the business was accessible to each and everyone, it had to be sustainable and it definitely had to be plastic free.

“Running a business like Juice HQ with such high regard for the planet is extremely hard work. Some weeks it will take us 2 days just to wash and sterilise the returned bottles. That’s without ensuring that we have delivered at the end of each day all the pulp from our juicing process to the local farms of Essex, for the livestock to enjoy.”


“We believe the power and healing properties of 100% raw cold pressed juicing should be accessible to everyone, just as Mother Nature intended”

Katie & Scott

The popularity of Juice HQ’s cold pressed juices, carefully designed cleanse programmes, functional health shots and celery club subscriptions has grown quickly since 2018, with many families seeing improvements in their own overall health and wellness.

Juice HQ constantly receives messages of gratitude from families for introducing cold pressed juicing to them.

Not only have the company’s stunning range of juices been enjoyed by households throughout Essex but also by global beauty brands and celebrities. In fact, the couple had only been in business for 8 weeks when they were asked to make over 800 juices for an event hosted by HRH Prince William.

Katie says “Prince William’s particular favourite was our elixir which has a mix of pink grapefruit, orange and lemon with cayenne pepper & turmeric. At the time we didn’t have a name for this juice, hence Royal Blush was born!

Alongside creating high class cold pressed juice, Juice HQ prides itself on its 5 star customer service, this is and always will be of utmost importance to them.

“We hope to continue building and growing a business that we love, bringing health and wellness to the doorsteps of Essex and now LONDON!”

“We thank you for all your support so far, it means so much to us.”

Katie & Scott



Juice HQ Kitchen

Westbury Farm, St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, Essex RM14 3NU


07932 223 765

facebook: Juice HQ Cold Pressed
instagram: @_juicehq


Where do you deliver?

We personally hand deliver to your doorstep across Essex and now LONDON!

We do not use outside delivery companies.

Please see our delivery postcodes here.

What days and times do you deliver?

We deliver to a weekly schedule, delivering your order to your doorstep between 3am & 8am every Tuesday. We act just like a traditional milk round, we do not knock or buzz but simply place your order on your doorstep. Feel free to give us any further delivery instructions. Our drivers will always do their best to place your order where you wish.

How much is delivery and is there a minimum order?

Delivery cost vary from postcode to postcode and some areas do have a minimum order.


What is Cold Pressed Juice?

“Cold pressed” refers to the process used to extract the juice. We use hydraulic pressure, this minimises heat and oxygen while extracting every last drop of goodness. The result, the most nutrient-dense product with enzymatic activity intact, juice in its purest form with nothing added, and all served in a glass bottle.

We press all of our juices in small batches. We don’t use preservatives, additives, pasteurisation and we do not HPP (high pressure processing)

What can I expect from your detox and cleanse programme?

By cleansing, you are simply giving your digestive system a rest allowing your body to effectively take on board the abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes pressed into our bottles of goodness, removing toxicity from your system.

It is true that our bodies have everything needed to rid of toxins, however in today’s environmental surroundings and sometimes poor eating habits, from time to time we need to reset our minds as well as our bodies.

We passionately believe in the benefits of our cleansing packages, we see time and time again the great results, ranging from weight loss, clearer skin, improved digestion, improved sleep patterns, clearer thinking and actions to a much improved attitude towards healthier eating.

How long will my juice last?

We guarantee the nutritional value of our juices for a minimum of 72 hours, but they MUST be kept in a cold fridge.

What do I do with my glass bottles once I have finished the juice?

Please rinse your bottles, recycle the label and lid and place the empty bottle, with any bags back on your doorstep the following week for us to collect.


Juice HQ is a made to order cold pressed juice delivery business. We only procure the finest ingredients we need to make up the orders that are received.

Our trusted fruit and veg suppliers, Chris & Dan source the very best produce from Spitalfields Market in the early hours of the morning on the day we are pressing, once again ensuring the freshest and finest of ingredients, in fact from produce being sourced at market to your cold press juice delivery landing on your doorstep, less than 24 hours has passed.

Our produce is delivered to us in large cardboard boxes, once we have finished with all our produce the boxes are taken to a local car parts fabricator who uses them to package custom parts which then get sent to the US and Japan.

At the end of each pressing day we are left with a substantial quantity of pulp, this is collected by a local farmer who feeds his livestock. The farmer has seen such improvements in the health and overall wellness of his animals, in fact we all agree that his cows, sheep and pigs must be the healthiest in Essex!

Just like a traditional milk round, we deliver our cold pressed juice and cleanse programmes to customers doorsteps in glass bottles. We then collect all our bottles and cooler bags on our next delivery run. We are very proud to say, our decision from the start to use only glass bottles and metal recyclable lids means we have prevented 124,000+ plastic bottles and lids from entering the system!

Allergen Information

Our production facility handles nuts and celery. All our juices are raw and unpasteurised.

What people are saying…

Our customers love our juices as much as we do!

Post-COVID recovery


Just want to say a big thank you from a new Customer. I had COVID at the end of November, was very poorly, at the end of my recovery, I ordered your Flu Repair Kit, to help my body repair itself and oh my, after the three days, the magic in the juice really did work. Thank you so much, I will be ordering again

Tastiest juices by far!


I just completed a 3 day juice cleanse. I love the fact that when you order the cleanse they deliver to your door EARLY so you are ready to go. By far the tastiest juices I’ve tried and glass bottles too what a fantastic idea. Friendly and helpful and at the end of a message should you need any help. Thank you so much Juice HQ for the needed detox ready to start my holiday

I feel brighter!


I’ve been using Juice HQ since the first lockdown March 2020. I wanted to start this year off with a bang so I took the plunge and ordered a 3 day mini cleanse programme which included a plant based evening meal. The 3 evening meals were delicious and filled me up. I didn’t feel hungry at all during the 3 days and I lost over 8lbs in weight! I felt brighter and less sluggish and my skin felt great after completing the cleanse. I will make this part of my regular diet plan.

Mini detox


Received our mini detox today. Very excited. I have to say also that having 2 dogs, the delivery man was so quiet at 4.30 this morning didn’t even make them bark….and they can hear a pin drop.
First one drunk. Can’t wait to drink the rest. And lose weight and feel healthier too!

I feel amazing!


Just completed 3 day flu remedy. Fantastic service with lovely helpful contact with supplier. Great taste to the juices and the bounce back from the bug has made me feel amazing. Highly recommend.

Detox felt amazing!


Have tried several detox and juice plans over the years and this is the only that actually does what it’s supposed to!! I must have been getting all the nutrients I needed as didn’t feel hungry. Juices/milks taste great. Felt amazing and lost a few pounds too which was an added bonus! Katie was friendly and helpful and the doorstep delivery service just rounds the whole thing off!!!! Will Defo be back for more!

Celery Club for IBS


I am currently doing the 30 Day celery juice and am 2 weeks in and can already notice such a difference! I suffer with IBS and migraines and in 2 weeks, I haven’t had any IBS flare ups and no migraines! I would definitely recommend that people try this. Thanks Juice HQ!

Cleanse for high energy


I have just done a 1 day light juice cleanse and would highly recommend. The juices were delicious 😋 and I didn’t feel hungry throughout the day. There was a considerable difference in my energy levels the following day, it was unbelievable! It was obviously what my body needed.

Juice HQ Heros

Hi, I’m Katie, along with my husband Scott we are owners of Juice HQ, artisan makers of the highest quality cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and professionally designed, cleanse programmes, which are delivered to your doorstep between 3am & 8am in reusable glass bottles and cooler bags. Think of us like the modern day sustainable milkman, but for juice!

Everything in our business is carried out by us! From selecting the finest produce at market, to creating highly nutritious and immune boosting juice recipes, preparing and pressing the produce, bottling the juice and finally delivering the goodness to your doorstep.

We are extremely proud of our team over at Juice HQ, their passion, attention to detail and the relationship we all have with so many of our customers. We’re always available to share our knowledge to advise and offer guidance of what may be the best option/package to choose.

Our delivery team, in our eyes, have been our unsung heroes throughout the pandemic which swept throughout the world in 2020/2021. These guys bravely continued to deliver during the Coronavirus lockdown, safely serving many self-isolating and vulnerable customers. They arrive week in week out at 3am over at HQ, ready to load the Juice HQ vans with the goodness, rain or shine, ensuring they place those glass bottles of nutrient-dense cold pressed juices on your doorstep, all before you wake each morning. Our guys are often referred to as the Juice Fairies or the Christmas Fairies, we just think they’re the coolest & healthiest delivery guys in town!

Our guys have even been known to move trees blocking roads that have fallen down in a storm and help to round up a herd of roaming deer, they never seize to amaze us. They take pride in their service to the local community and we couldn’t ask for more.