Delivering premium, raw, cold pressed juices to London offices every week

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Award winning Juice HQ delivers premium quality, natural, raw cold pressed juices to London offices, enabling you to keep your workplace fridges full of enough bottles of nutrient-dense, immune boosting juice to see you and your team nourished and energised all week long.

Juice HQ is the weekly glass-bottle, fully sustainable, zero-waste, healthy juice delivery service for the offices of London. It’s greener for the planet and supports the local economy too.

Similar to a traditional milk round, we collect your empty bottles, then thoroughly clean and sterilise enabling us to refill with vibrant, nutrient-dense delicious juices once again, elavating the drinks selection in your workplace. 

Our localised model of production runs counter to the industry norm (mainstream juices are made in a factory far from the customer, often overseas).

Ingredients for our raw, cold pressed juices are sourced locally, pressed in the Essex countryside, bottled by hand and delivered hyper locally, bringing you farm shop freshness right in the heart of the City of London.

Enjoy artisan juice direct from our kitchen to your workspace. We deliver in convenient reusable thermo catering boxes (avoiding any wasteful outer packaging), which are then collected and replenished by us weekly with zero fuss and zero waste

We will even sort your bottles individually for each floor if you wish!

Deliveries and quantities to suit your business 

While there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ corporate order, all our deliveries do have some things in common.

We deliver our juices in cold storage thermo boxes, directly from our juicery in the Essex countryside.

We’ll arrive early in the morning, unload our raw, cold pressed juices and collect your empty bottles from the previous delivery.

You choose how many juices or functional health shots each week or let us guide and advise. We will always keep you up-to-date on any seasonal specials.

Invitation to Office Managers

To book your complimentary tasting session, which will only take 20 minutes of your time, please contact Katie either on 07932 223765 or katie@juicehq.co.uk.

We would love to come and see you, furnished with plenty of juices for you to sample.

We want to make our raw, cold pressed juice accessible to as many people as possible so everyone can reap the magical health benefits of our raw, cold pressed juice.

Five reasons to stock Juice HQ 

Help your co-workers hit their five-a-day intake of fruit and veg. Create a healthier workforce, one delicious juice at a time.

Fully sustainable business: everything we use is recycled, reused or reinvented.

Benefit from flexible ordering tailored to exactly match employee preferences (down to each individual bottle). This means that leftovers are a rarity, unlike the fruit bowl style delivery and of course, the bottles are reused.)

Keep your team clear headed and full of energy.

Boost immune systems for a healthy happy work environment.

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