3 Day Nourishing Meal Plan

Three chef-prepared, plant-based, delicious and nutritious dinners.
Available to purchase alongside Juice HQ juices.

With 24+ years working in kitchens around the globe and a background in Chinese medicine, a holistic approach comes through in Chef Karl’s cooking style & methods ensuring a nourishing, clean tasting and delicious evening meal.
Chef Karl has freshly prepared your meal using locally sourced produce from small producing farms & allotments. We deliver to your doorstep in 100% compostable containers – all you have to do is follow our simple reheating instructions and voilå.

With a huge emphasis on sustainability and dietary needs, we believe food needs to be full of nourishment, vitamins & minerals for the mind, body & soul.

Day 1: Miso Broth with Green Tea Noodles, Tempeh, Sweet Potato, Radish & Watercress, filled with an abundance of fermented produce to help aid digestion and harmonise the energetic’s of your organs.

Day 2: Braised Lentils & sautéed English Greens, nourishing & energising to your mind, body and soul.

Day 3: Light Thai Style Red Curry with Broccoli, Peppers, Cauliflower, Courgette Whole Brown Rice, a warming & comforting meal, bringing enjoyment to the senses and still under 500 calories!


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