Flu Repair Kit

Your new best friend when you’re feeling under the weather.

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Introducing Juice HQ’s ‘Flu Repair Kit’, your new best friend when you’re feeling under the weather.

This powerful immune boosting kit will last you 3 days. You will start your day with one of our strong functional health shots. You will then drink any 2 of the cold pressed juices throughout the day. 

Our Flu Repair Kit will soothe sore throats, ease congestion, reduce inflammation and energise you. 

All recipes included in this kit are full of flu-fighting benefits, and an abundance of antioxidants.

Your germs really won’t stand a chance and you’ll be right back on your feet in no time at all.

​Our Flu Repair Kit contains:

  • 2 x Iron Man(250ml)
    • pineapple, carrot, beetroot, apple, ginger
  • 2 x Nature’s Flu Shot (250ml)
    • carrot, orange, apple, ginger
  • 2 x Guardian Angel (250ml)
    • apple, lemon, ginger
  • 1 x Wellness Shot (60ml)
    • pineapple, lemon, black pepper
  • 1 x Immunity Shot (60ml)
    • lemon, ginger, tumeric, cayenne, oil of oregano, spring water
  • 1 x Vitality Shot (60ml)
    • lemon, coconut water, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, black pepper

Consume over 3 days and feel the difference raw, cold pressed juice makes! All our juices are made in a kitchen which handles nuts and celery. All our juices are raw and unpasteurised.


Juice Reviews

Our customers love Flu Repair Kit

5 reviews for Flu Repair Kit

  1. Faye Knight (verified owner)

    Ordered to boost my immune system after a nasty bout of covid!! Felt so much better after 2 orders. Highly recommended

  2. Jane Barlow (verified owner)

    I ordered the Flu Repair Kit as I didn’t feel 100% and wanted a healthy boost of fresh vitamins! All of the juices and shots I received were fantastic and tasted great. Would 100% recommend this kit – worked wonders !!

  3. Sophie Higgs (verified owner)

    Just felt a bit run down following the madness of Christmas so bought the flu repair kit to prevent getting worse…it worked a treat and gave me much needed energy to fight it off before it even began! Would definitely recommend!

  4. Leah Wright (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the flu repair kit . Was feeling really poorly but after day 3 of the kit even managed to get to the gym ! Definitely worth a try ..xx

  5. Claire Markeits (verified owner)

    This kit is amazing if your feeling low and run down! Had the dreaded Christmas virus and this little kit was just what I needed to get me back on my feet! X

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