Hair, Skin & Nails Club

A daily cleanse for your hair, skin and nails (choose a 7 day or 4 week cleanse)


Introducing a new type of cleanse package.

Juice HQ’s ‘Skin Hair and Nails’ with Frankincense oil. 

With our Nature’s Flu Shot being so rich in vitamin A & C, whilst our Detox & Glow has an abundance of vitamin E, your body will soak up these skin glowing nutrients, your nails will strengthen and your hair will shine.

But wait that’s not all. These juices have been super-pimped with the addition of the purest of all essential oils,  Doterra’s Frankincense.

So why Frankincense, well this powerful remedy is quite literally a skincare ingredient of mythical proportions. In fact Cleopatra is said to have incorporated Frankincense into her (very famous) beauty regime and we can see why.

Frankincense is often described as “liquid gold” for your face. This luxury skincare addition has been proven to balance oil production while tightening the skin, improving tone and elasticity. Benefits are also include defence mechanisms against bacteria and blemishes.

It’s no wonder why the big skincare companies are now adding Frankincense to their beauty products.

If you feel your skin is in need of some tightening, brightening and glow then this is the cleanse for you!

Drink these two juices every day for 7 days.

For best results, drink every day for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Customers joining the 4 week club will receive a FREE Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, hand-crafted by our very talented friends @horseshoe_bay of Leigh-on-Sea.

These beautiful fragrant hand-made body scrubs are free of any additives and are designed to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, to reveal beautifully smooth, radiant and nourished skin. 

  1. Natures Flu Shot
    • carrot, orange, apple, ginger
    • delivered: Tuesdays (3 bottles) and Fridays (4 bottles)
  2. Detox & Glow
    • apple, cucumber, spinach, lemon, parsley, ginger
    • delivered: Tuesdays (3 bottles) and Fridays (4 bottles)

All our juices are made in a kitchen which handles nuts and celery. All our juices are raw and unpasteurised.


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