The Light & Bright
Juice & Soup Cleanse Programme

Juice HQ’s “Light & Bright Juice & Soup” cleanse is for anyone craving less inflammation, wanting to feel and look lighter and get that all over winter glowing complexion.

Suitable for all cleanse levels, from a first timer to cleanse guru

We offer this package as a 1, 2 or 3 day cleanse.

Your cleanse package consists of: 4 juices/hydrators 1 functional health shots, 1 Caramelised Carrot Grass Fed Schmaltz Blonde Chicken Bone Broth Soup and 1 Roasted Squash Grass Fed Schmaltz Thai Broth Soup

This perfect winter warming juice and soup cleanse is uniquely designed for weight loss, improved digestive health and that all over winter glow. Included in the package you will find our boosting functional health shot, our Blue Magik hydrator that contains over 65 different vitamins and the extremely effective Detox & Glow cold pressed juice which is fresh light and amazing for skin health as well as flushing toxins out of the system, resulting in a flatter tummy.

This carefully designed cleanse programme offers a large dose of nutrients and antioxidants to get you glowing from the inside out, deep hydration and detoxification, whilst bursting with natural anti-inflammatories and adaptogens to relieve the impact stress has on the body.

We always advise that you try your best to eat well the week leading up to your juice cleanse. Reducing your intake of dairy, red meat, processed foods and alcohol will all help to maximise your results in the detoxing process and decrease the shock on your system. If you have any concerns or you are on medication, please be sure to consult with you GP first.

Whilst on the juice cleanse drink around 8-10 glasses of water a day however, we recommend waiting about 30 minutes between drinking water and juice, for maximum nutrient absorption. Herbal teas can be consumed whilst on the cleanse, but avoid ALL caffeine.

A top tip whilst on a juice cleanse is to use a dry brush all over your body when showering With our skin being the largest organ this is a great way to brush away dead skin cells adding to the detox process. Always start at your feet, brushing upwards towards your heart, take care to not be too harsh on the more sensitive parts of the body.

After this process we would recommend a warm bath using Epsom Salts, most of all take care of yourself whilst cleansing, maybe an early night can be taken advantage of too.

This package is available for either 1, 2 or 3 days.

All our juices are made in a kitchen which handles nuts and celery. All our juices are raw and unpasteurised.


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The Light & Bright
Juice & Soup Cleanse Programme

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The Light & Bright
Juice & Soup Cleanse Programme

  1. Joanne Horgan (verified owner)

    The soups are absolutely lovely such a good idea to include them for the autumn/winter months, will definitely be reordering

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