Love Letters

Our customers love our juices as much as we do!

Loving the Light Cleanse!

I’ve just completed a 1 day light Juice Cleanse, and would totally recommend it! I couldn’t believe how many fantastic tasting juices there were and how full I was throughout the day. I felt great the next the morning too. My only regret is that I didn’t do it for longer!

Thank you Juice HQ I will definitely be reordering again!

Rochelle, Upminster

Everyone Should Try It!

Just completed a three day detox package. Can’t recommend Juice HQ enough. Friendliest service and fab juices.

Everyone should give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Claire, Upminster

Amazing Pick-Me-Up!

These were delivered to me as a surprise get well gift on my doorstep. Such an amazing pick me up, packed full of things I need. 

Carly, Brentwood

What's Not To Love!

Delicious, nutritious, cute colourful bottles with personalised labels. What’s not to love! 

Elisabeth, Hornchurch

Five Day Cleanse!

I’ve just completed the 5 day cleanse and cannot recommend this company enough. All the juices were delicious – licence to kale was my favourite- and the service was great! 

Donna, Hornchurch

Juice for Breakfast!

We love our delivery of goodness to our door . We take these juices for breakfast and we love them . Packed full of goodness. They taste delicious and we know we are feeding our bodies some real nutrition .

Thank you HQ xxxx

Rhianna, Brentwood

Love the Friday Juice Fairy!

We have been getting our weekend juices delivered for a while now and really couldn’t be happier with them. They are absolutely yummy and Katie is lovely. It’s fab to know that things are kept local and the company is sustainable.

I love Friday mornings when the juice fairy comes!

Samantha, Upminster

Feeling Brilliant!

Feeling brilliant after doing the detox package! Had been feeling really tired and my skin felt awful and now it feels fab! Would highly recommend and even for those who are fussy with food (like me ) it’s great!

Thanks Katie xx

Rach, Upminster

Love the Juice, Love the Service!

I tried a sample on an event and liked the juice as well as the concept. I had few deliveries so far and can’t recommend Juice HQ enough – juices taste amazing and the service is superb!

Andrea, Harold Wood

Tastiest Juices I've Tried!

I just completed a 3 day juice cleanse. I love the fact that when you order the cleanse they deliver to your door EARLY so you are ready to go. By far the tastiest juices I’ve tried and glass bottles too what a fantastic idea. Friendly and helpful and at the end of a message should you need any help.

Thank you so much Juice HQ for the needed detox ready to start my holiday.

Charlotte, Hornchurch

Look Forward to Friday!

I have been getting these juices for the last few weeks now and I really look forward to opening my door on a Friday morning!

My favourites are mango a go go and guardian angel. Lovely people to deal with and love that I’m supporting a local business! 5*

Ashley, Thurrock

Iron Man / Super Hero?

First three were lovely and now have another four coming tonight. Iron Man made me into an Avenger. 

Mark, East London

Love the One Day Detox!

Juice HQ are amazing! Fabulous service and the juices all taste delicious! I did a one day detox and loved it! Have ordered various juices since and enjoy them all.

Thanks Juice HQ x

Carla, Hornchurch

Detox as a Couple!

My husband and I completed a three day juice detox package recently and it definitely gave us a kick start to being healthier and losing weight after the summer holidays. Would definitely recommend it if you want to get back on the right track.

And of course there is the added bonus of dealing with the lovely Katie x x x x

Natalie, Upminster

This Detox Works!

Have tried several detox and juice plans over the years and this is the only that actually does what it’s supposed to!! I must have been getting all the nutrients I needed as didn’t feel hungry….

Will Defo be back for more!

Nicki, Blackmore

Absolutely Delicious!

These juices are absolutely delicious and it feels like we’re getting some genuine goodness at the same time!

Would thoroughly recommend, thank you Juice HQ!

Sara, Upminster

My Skin is CLEAR!

I just wanted to let you know, I’ve always suffered with terrible skin, breakouts even now in my 40’s…. this is I believe my 3rd week with the juices and my skin is CLEAR!!! This may be a coincidence, but I think it’s down to the juices!

Kerry, Upminster 

Addicted to Juice!

Absolutely addicted to these amazing juices! Never been so in love with fruit and vegetables. Amazing customer service, easy to order and easy to pay!

Cannot recommend them enough.

Caroline, Upminster