Our Roots

Juice HQ began life with a vision to deliver the best tasting, highly nutritious cold pressed juice


all delivered to your doorstep in reusable glass bottles. 


Our passion is all about being able to bring the very best in nutrition to our local communities.


Juice HQ prides itself on its 5 star customer service. 


We’re expanding – both our range of products and our delivery areas,


but we will never compromise on our products, no matter how busy it gets here.


“Thank you for all your support so far, it means so much to us.” – Katie and Scott

Founded in 2017

Juice HQ’s founders Scott and Katie began their journey in 2017, with passion, determination and a vision of creating beautifully crafted delicious and nutritious cold-pressed juices, designed to bring energy and a large dose of vitamins into daily life.

Cold Pressed To Order

Juice HQ cold press daily, our juices are MADE TO ORDER 

By cold pressing fresh fruit and vegetables we are able to extract maximum juice from our produce whilst retaining most of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes thanks to the lack of heat present throughout the press process. 

We do not use any preservatives or  additives, nor do we HPP our bottles of goodness.

Glass Bottles: Delivery and Collection

Juice HQ’s juices are made to order further creating a zero waste company. The juices are delivered straight to your doorstep early in the morning.  The rinsed glass bottles are then collected the following week to be cleaned and reused.

Farm → Glass Bottle → Farm

Farm Fresh Organic Fruit and Veg

Here at Juice HQ we produce plenty of pulp each day as a result of our pressing but nothing is wasted.

This rich fibre is sent straight back to our local permaculture designer aka “Jacks Patch” to be broken down and used to help new produce grow, to go straight back in to our juices.

Jack's Patch: Giving Back to Our Suppliers

Here’s Jack from @jacks_patch enjoying one of our juices.

Zero Waste

All our cold pressed juices are poured into beautiful reusable glass bottles.

Juice HQ is passionate about not only the health of our customers but also caring for our planet.

We avoid the use of plastic, all our labelling and packaging is bio-degradable.

We strive to be a zero waste business

Jack Harvesting the Beetroot


At Jacks Patch (@jacks_patch) collecting organic beetroot to be freshly pressed straight into our Iron Man juice.