Our Range

Three steps to wellness


We cold press all of our raw fruit and vegetable juices in small batches. We do not use preservatives, additives, pasteurisation and we do not use high pressure processing (HPP) to prolong their shelf life.

Our juices are intentionally raw. Not processed. Not pasturised, Not pascalised. This comes with great benefits, healthy bacteria, immune support, maximum nutrients, vibrant colours and a richer deeper taste. Our individual cold pressed juices are intentionally designed to be used as a snack or meal replacement alongside a normal healthy diet, boosting your vitamin intake for the day and keeping that immune system rock solid.

We cold press exactly the ingredients needed to fill our orders, and deliver frequently enough to keep your fridge topped up with unbeatable cold pressed juice.


A juice cleanse will flood your body with amazing nutrition, cleaning up and healing as it goes. Our cleanse package are a health staycate for your digestive system, giving a little breather from normal day to day living.

Celery Club

The celery club is 28 daily doses of goodness, freshly cold pressed celery juice delivered weekly to your door. Celery juice is full of powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and starting your day with a shot of the celery club can be highly beneficial.

Health Properties

Everybody’s temple is different. We listen to our bodies and our customers to find out the wonderful cleansing benefits of our products. Health benefits of our cold pressed cleanses, celery club and individual juices include:

  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Clearer skin and improvement in overall skin health
  • Weight loss
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased energy levels
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improvement in overall health and wellbeing